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Inclusion and Diversity

Kathy Reid Realty

BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY HOMESERVICES KATHY REID REALTY has an associate who has completed The National Association of Realtors course “At Home with Diversity” to help everyone.

Our Associates respect Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, translating One American Principal into Business Goals.

We will aim to adhere to follow the suggested activities listed in the National Association of Realtors course “At Home with Diversity.

Reaching the Community

Getting to Know the community: I/WE will embrace and celebrate what diversity brings to our communities and our nation. I/we will also become more involved with ethnic social organizations to get to know my constituents.

Getting Community to know me: I/WE will adopt ways to heighten my personal and professional profile in the Community so people of my market recognize me as their Real Estate Resource of Choice translating One American Principle into Business Goals.

Professional Development

1. Improving Language and Communication: I will improve my skills in communicating with other cultural groups.

2. Increasing cross cultural awareness: I will familiarize myself with the social and cultural backgrounds of minority groups in my market to achieve a greater comfort level in working with them.

3. Developing Cross-Cultural Relationships: I will increase my focus on one on one relationships with prospects and customers. Translating One American Principle into Business Goals.

The Company

1. Recruiting and Hiring: I will actively promote entering the real estate profession as a career among my market’s cultural sub groups.

2. Training: I will focus employee orientation and training on the tenets of an inclusive practice.

3. Providing Administrative support: I will work to develop multilingual communication capability on the telephone, in one on one conversations and in written and digital documents.

4. Developing Company Image: I will develop ways to communicate to clients, customers, and prospects that we are a proactively inclusive organization. I will work within my organization to adopt ways to increase the comfort level of persons coming into the office.

Inclusive Strategies

1. Attend more community events that can help me learn more about Community.

2. Learn a language of at least one other culture.

3. Ask more questions to understand needs of clients.

I will encourage other agents especially in my company to complete Fair Haven, Implied Bias video as well as the AWHD Certification or see if our company can provide other training on diversity and fair housing.

Things will change when plans are made to be inclusive of all cultures. I will make plans to improve my knowledge. I will Seek out real estate and ethnic social organizations in my area to join. Networking is great and also helps you to learn about cultures, customs and often helps with language skills. I will formulate a Business Plan. Begin with elements you are trying to organize., the people involved, available resources, your services, and the plan components.


Identify the people involved in your practice:

  • YOU the real estate professional
  • Your company
  • Buyers, Sellers and Renters
  • Your community


What resources will help you provide customer service to all clients. Consider these items and think of any additional ones you may have.

  • Time
  • Money
  • Real Estate skills
  • Cultural skills and awareness


What Resources do you offer that will help you provide Customer Service to all clients.

  • Listing properties for sale or rent
  • Communication skills
  • Marketing skills
  • Servicing skills
  • Community outreach activities

Plan Components

List the structural elements of the plan that you will need to develop including:

  • Your mission and goals, what you are doing to meet a community need.
  • Strategies to Attain goals, the steps you will take to fulfill your mission.

Action plans to implement strategies, the specific tasks timetables, and people responsible for making each strategy come to fruition.

Your Inclusive Business Plan Four Principles of Action

  • Rendering Service
  • Community Outreach
  • Professional Development
  • Diversity in Company or Practice

EXP – Principle of rendering Service

  • Develop strategy to promote home ownership with Renters
  • Selecting particular advertising to reach a few Hispanic and Asian Americans but not to exclusion of general population

Principle of Community Outreach

  • Become more socially and or civically active in the Community.

Strategies for increasing diversity in a Company

  • Diversity training of employees, practices that welcome minorities and increase their comfort level and learning to speak another language

Systematic procedures

  • Systematic procedures help you provide equal service to all clients and customers. Constant practices make it easy to adhere to fair housing principles and laws.

Discussion Inclusive Strategies

  • Attend more community events to learn more about community. Learn at least one language of one other culture. Ask more questions. Get AHWD Training on Diversity Fair Housing. Create Company Policy – Adhering to Fair Housing Laws and Equality Principles. Advertise in an inclusive but neutral to all demographics and communities in your market area. Offer language course. Participate in events that promote cultural awareness.