International Real Estate

Maybe you're dreaming of owning a villa in Tuscany....or you want to sell the ancestral land you've inherited in Argentina.  Perhaps you're thinking that investing in the economic development of China is smart business....or you want a winter vacation home in Mexico or the Caribbean. Now what?

If you want to buy or sell foreign property but are baffled by the complexities of a cross-cultural transaction, you'll want to engage an international property specialist.

Broker Kathy Reid is a Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS), one of only six in Ohio. With a CIPS on board, we can help:

  • broker deals with international clients
  • connect with immigrant or ethnic markets in local communities
  • assist foreign investors
  • interpret property rules and regulations in key geographic areas
  • handle the currency exchange and economic principles around the world
  • analyze fundamentals of foreign and U.S. tax laws
  • explore essential cultural differences
  • examine home ownership practices and attitudes of immigrants

These and other issues all may have an impact on your investment venture, dream vacation property, retirement home or more.

With a Certified International Property Specialist, you have access to a large network of specialists who are crucial players in today's global real estate market, and who continually increase their knowledge through attendance at seminars, international real estate conferences, meetings and conventions.

If an international property is in your future, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Kathy Reid Realty can help you every step of the way.